Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Measures

In this uncertain times, we at MistyCouture are unfortunately not able to guarantee deadlines for current and future orders due to suppliers shutting down and extra risks accessing the studio, therefore we're using all our resources to focus on the production of free PPE masks for front line healthcare professionals and people in need across the country.

Every profit made during this time from new orders, raffle tickets and donations will go towards the manufacture of more masks.

For more info and donations please visit

Please keep safe!

Thank you,



The brand's visual aesthetic has its roots in structure and obsession for distorted but uncluttered lines.

A reality where extreme curves meet meticulously clean craftsmanship.

A revised concept of androgyny where gender characteristic constraints don't exist and a new form of alien is born.

Jkjpy by Newo_Imagery

Daphne Bohemien by Mattia Attorre

Virgin X by Magic Owen Photography

Hungry by Robert Bartholot

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